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For a pet owner, skin problems can be very frustrating. Sometimes, the symptoms can be so severe that the skin may become irritated, sore and infected. The single most important aspect of controlling the itching sensation is to identify and treat the underlying problem. In most cases, your veterinarian is capable of treating your pet’s skin problem. However, some skin problems can be chronic and difficult to diagnose. To insure your pet receives the latest and highest quality of dermatological care available, your veterinarian may decide to refer you to a veterinary dermatologist. Many skin diseases look very much alike, having only subtle differences in appearance and historical background. A veterinary dermatologist is trained to recognize these differences and pursue a specific diagnostic and therapeutic plan. As specialists, we strive to stay current on newly recognized diseases and therapies.


Some conditions that frequently require an evaluation  by a board certified veterinary dermatologist:


  • Allergies (food, inhalants, contact and fleas)

  • Parasites (fleas and mites)

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Infectious Diseases (bacterial and fungal)

  • Hormonal Diseases

  • Recurring Ear Infections

  • Skin Cancer

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